Barbie in a Mermaid Tale


  • Merliah Summers: A 16 year old girl from Malibu. Nicknamed “Queen of the Waves”. Who’s father was a human but her mother a mermaid. Her father passed away when she was young so her mother Queen Calissa gave the baby Merliah to her grandfather to raise thinking that she will be safer on the land than the ocean.
  • Zuma is a pink, sparkly dolphin who shows Merliah around the ocean kingdom and helps her save Calissa.
  • Fallon is one of Merliah’s BFFs. She’s sassy, outspoken and a little bit sarcastic, but she’s super loyal,helpful and a great friend.
  • Hadley is Merliah’s other BFF. She’s a dreamer, imaginative who is also sweet and silly. She was the first one to believe that Merliah is half-mermaid.
  • Kayla and Xylie are super-stylish mermaids and best friends. They own a fab boutique under the sea where Merliah gets a mermaid makeover.
  • Calissa is Merliah’s mother. She was the Queen of Oceana, until her sister Eris stole the throne from her.
  • Eris is the sister of Calissa. She overthrows Calissa and becomes their new evil queen.Everyone in the kingdom is afraid of her.


This animated adventure for kids stars Barbie as surfing hotshot Merliah, a Malibu girl who gets truly wrapped up in her sport when she turns into a mermaid. Teamed up with her best friend – a dolphin named Zuma – she embarks on a mission to rescue the queen of the undersea world of Oceana. ~ Cammila Albertson, All Movie Guide.




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