Barbie Terbaru ^^,Barbie in a Christmas Carol


On Christmas Eve, Barbie tells Kelly the story of a girl named Eden Starling, a glamourous singing diva who owns a theater and doesn’t believe in Christmas. On Christmas Eve, she orders everyone who works for her to sing on Christmas. Then she is visited by three spirits who try to change her perspective on Christmas forever who are sent by Eden’s dead aunt. Barbie tells this story to Kelly for having Christmas spirit


Barbie’s sister Kelly was not ready to go to a Christmas Eve ball. So, Barbie told her the story of Eden Starling the most famous singing star of the Victorian England. Eden loved herself only. With her snooty cat Chuzzlewit,she orders her workers Freddy, Ann, Nann, Maurice and her costume designer Catherine(and best friend) to work even on Christmas. Catherine tried to talk to her but couldn’t succeed.That night, Eden saw her late Aunt Marie. She told Eden that she was sending three Christmas spirits. It’s up to them now to change her life, as she takes trips into the past, present, and future with these spirits she canges her life to help others and love one another, so don’t forget to see the heart-warming movie.



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